The brief

Brand Strategy.
Tone of Voice.
WordPress Development.

Inchcape wanted to redefine their mission and brand message. They wished to create support for delivering a new 3 year growth plan, to understand their messaging and a clear vision for the years ahead.

Halo were commissioned to run Project Sunshine. To speak to new, old and existing customers. 
To talk to suppliers, staff and end users and understand what it is that makes Inchcape successful. What it revealed was Inchcape were successful at converting new customers. After prospects meet the real people behind the business they understood their pride, work ethic, how they went the extra yard for their customers and the fact there was nothing to hide.

Refining the brand

In order to refine the brand Halo first needed to identify; what is it that we’re actually selling, why do customers
choose Inchcape Fleet Solutions, why do they remain with us and what makes us who we are?

Staff launch

The new brand was launched to the staff in the form of workshops. They had all been involved in Project Sunshine so knew what was happening.

The workshops were run by line managers rather than senior managers. This gave bigger buy in and support from middle management.

Segmenting customer information

From the research we learned that customers only wish to see content relevant to their business.

We created clear sign posts for each business area with clear landing pages and content types for each sector.

Customers have a huge appetite for information in this legislative heavy industry.

White papers

Halo are in the process of creating a range of white papers for each business group.

The research and information created in these substantial documents is then released over months in the form of blogs, case studies, tweets and guides.

All the information is gated on the website. Anyone can access it if they give their email. The goal is to build the database.

Customer launch

Halo ran customer events called Fleet Exchange. This allowed us to exchange ideas and thinking with our customers in an environment of shared knowledge on subjects from wellbeing, finance, risk, environment and electric vehicles.