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Streamlining communications for Cove UK owners


  • User Experience
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design
  • Backend Development


With multiple parks across the UK and no consistent, streamlined way of speaking to their owners and prospects, Cove needed to transform their communications with intelligent strategy, fresh design and a distinct tone of voice.

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Following a brand exploration, we developed the concept of the ‘Cove Club’ ‒ an exclusive club dedicated to owners, with its own brand look, feel and voice. To support this, we created brand guidelines, which covered all aspects including colour palette, logo, styling and TOV.

By separating Cove Club from the main site, it gave the owners their own identity and the feeling of being part of something premium and exclusive.

This was then pushed out to all six parks within the Cove UK brand, which ensured they all had the same look and feel.


With the Cove Club branding work complete, we created a series of owners’ brochures which highlight the benefits, contact information and support details for every owner who ‘joins the club’. This ‘owners bible’ became a benchmark for all communications that went out the door.

With a more conversational, concise and softer tone of voice, monthly newsletters are now in place to keep owners informed about the goings on around the park and details that impact them.

We’ve been working closely with the team at Halo to develop our Owner communications strategy. The Ownership Guide is a pivotal piece, and we’re thrilled with its design and tone of voice, which has helped us to connect with our Owners on a more meaningful, memorable and human level.

Anna Baker

Marketing Manager

Cove Club