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Doing Italian design justice


  • Branding
  • Print
  • Customer insight
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Website


Onestà wanted a new brand that would do justice to their ultra high-end furniture design. This included a new website, brochure, photography, TOV and brand guidelines.

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To create an incredible brand, you first need to understand and define the audience. We took a cross section of Onestà’s recent customers and used Experian customer modelling to build the bigger picture, i.e. who their customers are and how they function. This gave us the insight we needed to create a relevant brand that would resonate with the customer base. We defined the detail, personality and style of the brand elements, including fonts and colours, tone of voice, logo, typography, website components, print materials and a new approach to photography and video.


The new brand was more reflective of Onestà’s target audience, and did the company’s luxurious offering justice. Onestà were able to move forward confidently with a brand identity they could believe in.