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Meticulous CGI generation


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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful bed that reflects your unique style. Which is why Button & Sprung give their customers the power to create their perfect bed with a pick n mix choice of size, frame, headboard, feet and fabric. They wanted customers to be able to see their creation on-screen, but building and photographing every single combination is impossible. The solution? CGI…

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Button & Sprung work - CGI agency case study


Firstly, we recreated Button & Sprung’s entire range of beds in CGI, including all sizes and all variations ‒ headboard, drawers and feet included. We then photographed each fabric and created repeatable tiles that could be mapped across the 3D models. To generate all the possible variations, we created an automated script which allows us to render out the multiple options. The beauty of CGI is that we can capture the environment at any angle and adjust the lighting, allowing the viewer to explore their choice in detail and even zoom in.

Button & sprung - CGI agency in bournemouth CGI agency in Bournemouth. Button & Sprung case study
CGI agency case study CGI agency case study by Halo Design
Button & Sprung