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Evolving a website to do justice to a booming brand


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Having created the brand and initial website for luxury UK holiday park company, Wayfind Escapes, we moved onto the development of the full website, which encompasses the breadth of Wayfind’s fast-growing offering.

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As the parent brand, Wayfind Escapes is undergoing huge growth. Likewise, their first destination, Pennant Park, has already got so much more to shout about, including new luxury lodges and a £1m investment in its facilities. So, the website needed to reflect this and showcase the investment made.

The key areas of focus for Wayfind are lodge sales, holidays and golf. To maximise bookings, we integrated a holiday booking search functionality, which transforms the process into an efficient and streamlined experience, with limited distractions and easy to complete booking forms. Integrated tracking allows us to monitor conversions and drop-off points for further optimisation, giving us invaluable insight into how we can enhance the audience journey.  

For holiday home sales, we increased the content to showcase the many benefits of lodge ownership, giving people a unique insight into life at Pennant Park. A carousel of available lodges allows people to click through to a more detailed product page, featuring hand-drawn maps, floorplans, 3D tours and bespoke icons that communicate the hero information quickly.  

We wanted to do Pennant Park’s championship golf course justice, so we expanded the golf page to include more information on the course itself, and brought memberships and offers to the forefront. 

The great thing about the Wayfind website is that it’s built to last. As Wayfind grows to include more parks, so too can the website, evolving steadily in-line with the brand’s growing success. 


This is a brilliant example of a website changing and adapting to the needs of the business as it grows. Updates are continuously being made to ensure the best possible user experience, and regular monitoring of analytics allows for data-driven decisions to be made. We’ll be building in local news and blog pages, so watch this space!

Wayfind Escapes, supersized