The brief

User experience.
Digital strategy.

Magento 2.

Harry Hall approached Halo to help them to focus on selling direct to the customer.

Harry Hall is an equestrian brand with a difference. Becoming a hub for the discerning rider, Harry Hall encompasses a range of brands covering everything from equestrian fashion to horse healthcare.

With rising costs, falling margins and a reducing B2B market, Harry Hall decided to go direct to the consumer. Harry Hall approached Halo to help them on their journey to become at the forefront of the equestrian consumers mind. They needed a digital presence and wanted to move away from traditional bricks and mortar and focus on selling direct to the customer online.

Our solution

We developed and customised Harry Hall’s Magento 2 store, and created a PPC strategy designed to increase awareness of the brand and conversions. 

As well as ensuring we delivered a great online shopping experience, we developed two custom modules to help Harry Hall deliver a more tailored experience.

1. A membership scheme

We created a membership login to give focus to customer retention and repeat purchases.

The scheme is operated on a monthly subscription to give the customer ‘Club’ status. This gives the customer access to lower prices across the site, and opts them into a personalised email journey with Dotmailer.

2. A bespoke high-end tailoring service

We created a point of difference on the tailoring product pages with the addition of a fabric sample ordering service that is dynamic to each product. We also gave the pages a more exclusive and unique look. This has allowed Harry Hall to up-sell their exclusive tailoring service.

The result

Within 6 months of launching the site, Halo had introduced a full online membership and insurance scheme. Membership was growing rapidly and Black Friday sales exceeded all forecasts.

Within 8 months Harry Hall were able to close their B2B warehouse and rely purely on online sales.