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Georgie's employee spotlight
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Georgie’s Employee Spotlight

We’re tilting the spotlight onto the lovely Georgie, our Digital Marketing Manager. We asked her what’s on her bucket list, what’s her greatest achievement and to spill the beans on her pet peeve ‒ she’s got two! Check out her answers here.

Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Adrianna Parsons
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Please welcome our new Lead Creative, Adrianna!

It’s official ‒ our team just gets better and better! Meet our latest newbie, Adrianna Parsons, who has already wowed us with her brand building prowess.

Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Carly's employee spotlight - Bournemouth marketing agency account director
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Carly’s Employee Spotlight

Meet Carly Vrettos, our totally brilliant Account Director. We put her under the spotlight to ask her what her biggest fashion disaster is, her food heaven and food hell, what she’d do if she won the lottery, and what she admires most in people.

Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Hayley Employee Spotlight - Graphic Designer - Header
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Hayley’s Employee Spotlight

Say hey to Hayley, Halo's standout Graphic Designer! Let's find out more about her incredible skills at videography and just how much she loves peanut butter!

Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

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The Halo team head to North Wales

Read Georgie’s account of our recent trip to Pennant Park North Wales, home to our client’s first holiday park and one of the UK’s best places to go for a luxurious escape in beautiful natural surroundings.

Georgie Street-Cash | Digital Marketing Manager

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Ant’s Employee Spotlight

Say hello to our website whizkid, Anthony Zardis. We ask him what animal he'd be, what he'd throw into Room 101, and if he's got any advice for his younger self. The animal answer surprised us!

Nicola's staff spotlight
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Nicola’s Employee Spotlight

To start our Employee Spotlight series, we're kicking off with our longest member of staff, the wonderful Nicola.

Halo office warming party - digital marketing agency in Bournemouth
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We threw an office warming party!

What better way to celebrate our new digs in Southbourne than with an office warming party fuelled by mince pies and mulled gin?!

We threw an office warming party!