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We’re celebrating two years of Jess and Nick owning Halo!


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter


Since they took the reins in March 2022, the duo have transformed the agency into a vibrant, award-winning powerhouse, curating an incredible team and nurturing strong partnerships with both old and new clients.

Perhaps most importantly, they’ve prioritised Halo’s internal culture, working with the team to create meaningful values that everyone can get behind. This, plus an aspirational and authentic mission and vision, has given everyone at Halo a mutual purpose that drives every interaction, resulting in a consistent and honest approach that comes from the heart.

Parallel to this, Halo’s had a head-turning makeover. A new, energetic colour palette has livened up our look, and fun, playful gradients, shapes and characters have injected movement, intrigue and personality.

And then there’s our tone of voice. As a marketing agency, we know how important TOV is in differentiating you from your competition, but also saying the right things in the right way to your audience. Our tone reflects our values and personality, ensuring we come across as an approachable and authentic agency, wherever and whenever people encounter us.

Of course, with our values, brand and tone of voice nailed, we needed a new website that does our unique identity justice. So we created a website that epitomises our individuality and showcases the incredible work we do for our clients. 

Last but by no means least, we upped sticks and moved to sunny Southbourne! With the majority of our team living in the area, it was a no-brainer to relocate from our Ringwood home. Plus, we feel very aligned to Sobo’s vibrant, independent ethos, and love being part of the community.

What a difference 24 months can make! It’s no surprise we’re attracting more and more like-minded clients who value authenticity and expertise in equal measure. For us, one can’t exist without the other, and with Jess and Nick at the helm we’re sure to create beautiful work that’s anchored in integrity. 

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Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

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We’re celebrating two years of Jess and Nick owning Halo!