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We’re hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning



11th October, 11am – 2pm

Let’s face it ‒ the average office consumes a silly amount of cake every week, and we’re no exception. So, we thought we’d put our sweet tooths to good use and host a Macmillan Coffee Morning!

We’ve taken the challenge to new heights ‒ there’s even a spreadsheet dedicated to who’s making what. So far we’ve got a chocolate tiffin, lemon cake, brownies, fudge and ‘Halo cake’…to name just a few. And of course there’ll be coffee. Good coffee. 

All money will be donated to Macmillan, and all cakes will be lovingly made by the Halo team (who are all surprisingly good bakers). So why not swing by, say hello and support a great cause.

We’ll see you there! 

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We’re hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning