A sustainable portfolio design approach – the Onesta brochure

by Halo Associates Digital 2020/02/11

Onesta’s customers would expect more than a standard printed brochure. Their work deserved a portfolio. And the brand belongs with printed collateral that is bespoke, futureproofed, sustainable and a tactile thing of beauty. As designers, we love working with other designers, it’s a fascinating process and delivers beautiful, considered work. In our post about the...

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Launching the Onesta brand.

by Halo Associates Digital 2019/10/23

Lifestyle and spatial designers Onesta commissioned us to define every part of their brand personality, and after a six-month journey, we’re excited to say the website is now live. We designed every element, from their name to their identity. This was extended across comprehensive brand guidelines, tone of voice, printed collateral and website design and...

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