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Please welcome our new Lead Creative, Adrianna!



It’s official ‒ our team just gets better and better! Meet our latest newbie, Adrianna Parsons, who has already wowed us with her brand building prowess.

We’re very happy to welcome our new Lead Creative, Adrianna, to the team! This lovely lady brings over 20 years’ branding experience to the studio, not to mention an infectious laugh that we’ve already fallen in love with. She’s got a soft spot for building brands from the ground up, side-stepping the obvious to produce gorgeous creative that turns heads.

We asked her what floats her creative boat, why she chose Halo and what takes up her time outside the studio.

“I love any branding work, especially the initial stages of building a brand ‒ like building a company’s story, creating the look and feel and seeing the brand come to life.

“It was an easy choice to come to Halo; they’ve got great core values, they’re progressive and always pushing boundaries and it’s obvious they’re employee focussed. I also love their creative style, and the people!

“When not at work you’ll find me being mummy to baby Rae. When not being mummy you’ll find me doing my favourite things…city breaks, drinking wine (for research of course) eating and dancing.

“My husband and I own a wine bar in Penn Hill called The Four, where I used to prop up most weekends! I have a WSET Level 3 in wine tasting, hence my love for the stuff! I also live for summers in Ibiza; I had a break to have Rae but will be back on it with Rae next year.”

It looks like we’ve got ourselves a wine-loving dancing queen! Thanks, Adrianna, we wouldn’t have you any other way.

If you want to become part of the Halo family, keep an eye out for job opportunities here.

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Please welcome our new Lead Creative, Adrianna!