Mobile First: When to use it, when to ignore it

2017/02/10 Uncategorized

Mobile First – When to use it, when to ignore it

We came across a fascinating article that discusses the relevance of ‘mobile-first’ thinking when starting a new website build and how the consumer is effected. The ‘mobile-first’ approach has many opinions surrounding it and was first designed to improve the users experience. Today’s industry still embraces this to a certain extend however the article goes on to explain how it is now being used as an excuse to stick to a more safe and traditional layout, resulting in the UX suffering. On the other hand the article does have strong¬†opinions that talk openly about when it is good and when it isn’t necessary to use.


Our thoughts:

When it comes to a ‘mobile-first’ approach you need to consider what is best for the user experience and what is best for the client. Understanding and being able to access all the available content should be at the front and foremost of both parties minds. Sometimes the user journey can adopt a ,more creative route, however this needs to be consistent and this is where consistency is key. People are increasingly lazy when it comes to finding online information, so its our jobs as designers to craft a unique and interesting experience. Sometimes that is lead by a mobile and sometimes this is lead by the desktop. Each client should be treated uniquely to find the best possible solution for them and their offering.

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