A sustainable portfolio design approach – the Onesta brochure

by Halo Associates Digital 2020/02/11

Onesta’s customers would expect more than a standard printed brochure. Their work deserved a portfolio. And the brand belongs with printed collateral that is bespoke, futureproofed, sustainable and a tactile thing of beauty. As designers, we love working with other designers, it’s a fascinating process and delivers beautiful, considered work. In our post about the...

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The rise of ethical brands

by Halo Associates Digital 2017/03/17

The rise of ethical brands, packaging and identities Over the past couple of years we have seen our clients move towards an ethical approach especially in the Health and Beauty sector. Our clients Tints of Nature, Organic Colour Systems and Bee Good are three examples of companies that we work with that understand and embrace an...

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Re-Brand: Camps International

by Halo Associates Digital 2017/03/01

  Communicating to a generation who doesn’t want to read We were approached by Camps International with a challenge to engage a generation that doesn’t read as well as re-energising how they shop their trip packages. Using the existing logo as a starting point, we had free rein to craft a new brand experience that...

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Brand Innovation: Linwood Fabric Sample Service

by Halo Associates Digital 2017/02/15

Introducing Linwood Brand Overview Linwood is a fabric company with design flair at its core. As a family business they pride themselves in their artistry and craftsmanship – with their roots in the traditional they take inspiration from both heritage and pop-culture. Quality underlines everything that Linwood do, with their fabrics and wallpapers made in...

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Re-inventing Sleep

by Halo Associates Digital 2017/01/29

Introducing Button & Sprung Approached by a start-up with just an idea, we knew we would need to deliver a complete brand experience to bring this business to life. With their core principles at its centre, we created an engaging and stylish brand identity that was executed across multi-channels. Brand Overview Button & Sprung developed...

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Colour Trends

by Halo Associates Digital 2017/01/15

Each January Computer Arts mag releases the next set of predicted colours for the coming year, and this year was no disappointment. The Article by FranklinTill outlined the hottest colour palettes ranging from neutral pinks, to natural greens paired with industrial blues. Together, the selection of colours celebrates gender neutrality and equality as well as...

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