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The new halo website is here. Halo marketing agency in Bournemouth
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It’s landed! Our brand spanking new website is here



We’re incredibly excited to announce that after many late nights, early mornings and lost lunch breaks, our new website is now LIVE.


We’ve poured so much love, sweat and tears into its creation, with nearly every member of the Halo studio involved. But it’s all been worth it ‒ the end result is awesome!


As many businesses will know, finding the time to nurture your own offering is hard when you’re busy fulfilling your client’s needs. There’s always something more important to do, and before you know it, you’ve missed your live date by days, weeks or even months. Luckily, the team rolled up their sleeves and took on the challenge like heroes. 

It’s really important that our website exudes the essence of who we are. We want our audience to get a taste of what we’re like to work with and a clear understanding of why we’re different. So, we created a new tone of voice that reflects our personality, a mission statement and a set of brand values. Together, these form the foundations of our agency and steer everything we do every day. You can read our mission statement on our homepage and our values here.

Fi Holloway, our Senior Copywriter, explains, “It’s too easy to fall into the trap of sounding like every other agency. The problem with that is you merge into the background. As a genuinely down-to-earth and friendly team, we wanted to carve our own path by celebrating our integrity and trust, which we believe is key to building solid relationships with our clients. Our new tone of voice is purposefully pared back, revealing an authentic and honest personality that sets us apart from the rest.”

We also wanted to shout about our unique culture, which we’re incredibly proud of. This meant creating a culture statement, introducing the team with photos and bios, and giving a brief history of where it all began. By going a little further than the average ‘about’ page, we’re able to give our audience a deeper insight into the ingredients that define us.

And of course, we wanted to bring our work to life like never before. We produce beautiful creative and exceptional results every single day, and it’s important our website does this justice. So we spent a lot of time creating an impressive portfolio that showcases what we do in stunning detail. Here’s just one example to drool over.

Then there’s the new look and feel! Bold colours and confident shapes define the new Halo brand, bringing fantastic vibrancy and dynamism to the website. It’s a great reflection of the team’s creativity and energy, and, together with clean lines and an intuitive, uncomplicated layout, makes for a fun and smooth user experience.


Here’s what our team has to say…


Our Creative Director, Sarah Macpherson, says, “Since Jess and Nick took on Halo almost two years ago, we’ve wanted to reinvigorate our website to better reflect our new brand and internal culture. We also wanted to shout about the wonderful work we do, and what better way to do that than with a touch of web development wizardry?! As with all the websites we create, we’ve kept the UX at the forefront, creating seamless journeys that encourage the all-important dwell time. We’re excited to show it off to the world and will keep it updated with all the great things we create for our clients.”

Antony Zardis, our Lead Developer, adds, “It’s been a lot of fun working on our website; starting fresh allows us to clear out the cobwebs and implement new advancements in web development technology. Together with Sarah, we’ve designed and built something we can be proud of and stands as a showcase of what we can do and offer our clients.”

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, so why not take a nosey around and see what you think!

Ready to chat?

We’d love to chat about your business, your goals and the bigger picture ‘stuff’. If we sound like the full service marketing agency for you, let’s arrange a catch up. Our office is situated just a stones throw away from beautiful Bournemouth beach, in the bustling Southbourne highstreet, but we have clients across the country that trust Halo with their marketing, so how about we jump on a Zoom call or grab a coffee?

Give us a call on 01425 461226 or get in touch using our online form.

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It’s landed! Our brand spanking new website is here