The brief

Digital strategy.
User experience.
WordPress development.

After we developed the brand for Evolve the focus turned to creating a platform and community for its members.

They wanted to create a membership platform where after signing up gained access to exclusive content so as, Insights, videos, whitepapers, webinars and forums. The content would be a collection of created and curated with guest contributors giving members a single place to go to find guidance, support and advice on being successful in business and life. 

The platform had to also work for Partners giving them access to downloadable resources and the ability to order workbooks giving them everything they needed to deliver peer group workshops.

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Our approach

First we had to understand their audience and how they would interact with the website, we knew from our brand insight work they we busy entrepreneurs and business leaders who are always on the move with little time for nonsense.

Mobile first

We went for a Mobile first approach with a simple design to ensure the user experience was optimised for their needs.

Quick load times and getting to the information quickly was our main priority. A clean design with clear content hierarchy ensured we achieve this.

Exclusive member content

Once a member as subscribed they get full access to all the exclusive content such as; Insights, videos, whitepapers, webinars and Forums. Members can save content to read later, rate and share content they like, Creating a community is a key aspect of the site so members can comment and start a discussion about any of the content across the site.

Insights.  Videos.  White papers.  Webinars.  Forums


Creating a personalised experience was key engaging with the members and keep them coming back. Members are able to choose the content topics they are interested in so each time they revisit the site they see content that is tailored around their interests.

Connecting members with partners

Each partner has a unique partner code that they can give to potential members which they can enter when signing up allowing members to be assigned and linked with their partners.

A Partner affiliate program allows partners to receive a kick back for every member that signs up using their code.


Evolve organise and host events throughout the year, from Local networking gatherings to peer group workgroups and national conferences. So we built them a full events booking and management system, allowing members and non members to buy event tickets and register their interest in up coming events to help build excitement and interest. Members also receive upto 50% off all events.


We integrated with dotdigital to help automate as much of the member comms plan as possible, the website syncs all mailing list preferences with dotmailer automatically and members can easily subscribe and unsubscribe directly from their account. From Dot digital Evolve can easily setup automated member journeys and scheduled emails to keep them up to date with new events and new content.

Taking payments

We choose GoCardless as their main payment gateway for member subscriptions as this allowed Evolve to offer Direct Debit subscriptions securely through the website without the need to looks of old fashioned paperwork and sending bank details unsecurely.

Stripe was then chosen for all credit card payments for booking events, its easy integration in to woocommerce and easy to use dashboard made it the perfect choice.


To encourage and reward members for interacting with site we built in gamification elements which give points to members for reading content, leaving comments, watching videos, attending events and much more, nearly every interaction rewards the member automatically leveling them up when achieve a certain number of points.


To give members quick and easy access to the site form their mobile devices we created a Progress Web App for the site, allowing it to be saved to their homescreen and accessed with a click of a button.

Push notifications

New content is being added daily so we added browser push notifications that members could sign up to, this would pop up a notification message everytime new content was added encouraging members keep coming back to the site.

Partners dashboard

Brand partners and Peer group delivery partners are a big part of how Evolve deliver their tailored workgroups and connect with their members. So it was important for them to have a dedicated area of the site. Their secure dashboard allows them to login and gain access to to essential downloadable resources such as Brand elements and toolkits and marketing collateral. They can also order printed workbooks that they need to deliver the workgroups to their members.