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Why choose a marketing retainer with a digital agency?



Whether you’re a startup or a big brand, a full-service marketing agency can really take you where you want to be.


It could be as small as an out-of-home ad or as large as a multi-platform campaign, but the end result’s the same: more eyeballs, more likes, more brand recognition and loyalty. Which is where Halo comes in.


What is a marketing retainer?

Put simply, a marketing retainer is a paid agreement between a business and a marketing agency, which works on a set number of deliverables inline with budget and goals each month. Typically, marketing retainers are effective for a minimum of 6 months, but we’ve had businesses on Halo retainers for years now – there’s no stopping our clients’ successes!

Here’s why your business needs one…


Marketing your business takes time

Any ambitious business will know that when it comes to marketing yourself, there aren’t enough hours in the day. So, if you don’t have a team bigging up your brand, then a marketing retainer with an agency is a smart move. Your business is our business, so we’ll prioritise your goals ahead of anything else, leaving you to reap the benefits of a growing business.


You can scale-up your business at the speed of light

Ok, maybe not that quickly, but with the right marketing strategy in place, Halo can take your business to the next level. By integrating a range of marketing tactics, we can increase traffic with quick wins whilst working on long-term campaigns that will get your brand noticed, for all the right reasons.


Consistency is key

With the world changing so quickly and trends switching by the week, you have to be on top of your game when it comes to marketing your business. It means you can never take your eye off the ball – you have to consistently market yourself to stay relevant, which is no mean feat for any business. A marketing retainer allows you to keep that consistency going, giving you the peace of mind that your brand is getting in front of the right people, at the right time.


You’ll get more than just one person’s brain power

You could employ a marketing manager, but that one person isn’t likely to be able to do everything – you need the expertise of many marketing professionals. From copywriters to strategists to designers to developers to account managers, our team of experts have the skills and knowledge to market your business cleverly and impactfully. And we’re all under one roof!


We’ll become ‘part of the furniture’

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, so we spend time to really get to know you, understanding the foundations of your business, your vision for the future, and what makes your customers tick. Our retained clients also get the Rolls Royce service, so you’ll have priority within our creative studio and regular check-ins with your dedicated client service team.


It’s a cost-effective solution to meet your digital marketing needs

Halo retainers start from just two days per month, so whether you’re looking for just a leg up with a certain area of your marketing, or want someone to take full control, we have a package to suit. We will work with you to decide on a budget that works for you, taking into account your business goals.


We’re results driven, always

We’re big fans of a reporting dashboard and GA4 has become our best friend in recent months! We’re always keeping an eye on how our campaigns are performing and how they can be improved next time. Whether it’s delving deeper into how to improve your ROAS (return on ad spend) or A/B testing your email content and subject lines, we’ll have the answer!


We’ve been in the game for a while

For the past 20 years we’ve worked with a variety of clients across a number of different industries. We’ve helped sell baby food, beds, holiday homes, natural beauty products, cars, schools, insurance and even plants. From mothers and babies to cats and dogs, we’ve helped brands connect to their customers, and we pay no attention to old clichés – working with animals and babies is great!


A few of our clients include: Cove, Kinto, Button & Sprung, Onesta, Hobbycraft, Stewarts & many more. You can have a sneak peek of what we get up to for them here.

Ready to chat?

We’d love to chat about your business, your goals and the bigger picture ‘stuff’. If we sound like the full service marketing agency for you, let’s arrange a catch up. Our office is situated just a stones throw away from beautiful Bournemouth beach, in the bustling Southbourne highstreet, so how about we jump on a Zoom call or grab a coffee?

Give us a call on 01425 461226 or get in touch using our online form.

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Why choose a marketing retainer with a digital agency?