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Our fresh office vibes


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter


We thought we’d make use of our incredible team’s skills to transform our office into a haven for creativity.

Designed by our very own Sarah Macpherson, the previously white walls now boast a chorus of colours and shapes, all meticulously hand painted by our creative team. Thankfully, they have steady hands! First impressions count, so we also spruced up our signage and added some of our client work to the entrance hallway, including Onesta, Hypnos and Seal Bay.

We also created avatars for each member of the Halo team, expertly illustrated by our designer, Liam Marshall. Now beautifully framed and in pride of place by the front entrance, we feel they’re a refreshing take on traditional photograph headshots.


Reminiscent of the Halo brand’s new look and feel, we all agree the results do justice to our purpose. Here’s what Sarah had to say:

“I wanted to inject some colour and creativity into the office – being proud of where you work and being in a creative space really helps people enjoy and thrive in their environment. The large white wall was crying out for some colour and I thought a hand painted mural using organic shapes would stand out and echo the new halo brand direction. It was a labour of love, but worth it!”

Why not come and see it for yourself! Get in touch to take a peek.

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Our fresh office vibes