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Developing an online destination for an ambitious and growing holiday company


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Cove UK, one of the largest holiday park groups in the UK, needed a solution to streamline its multiple websites and brand identities. They needed staff across the country to be able to edit their respective resort websites whilst being supported by adaptive design templates and the ability to quickly and simply update information on the Cove website. It would be one central place for customers to explore the resorts and book directly with the parks.

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Web development and UX case study by Bournemouth agency, Halo Design Associates


We designed and built an expansive WordPress web system, allowing each park to have its own unique online space whilst remaining hosted under the main Cove UK domain.

Sites can evolve with the parent brand by implementing unique design templates, empowering the team to manage content independently. The CMS uses a bespoke page builder, offering parks the flexibility to personalise their pages further. Integration with Marketo and Mailchimp captures enquiries and mailing lists, syncing with their internal CRM and marketing platforms.

Over 80% of their traffic is on a mobile device, so we designed it ‘mobile first’. We also implemented SEO to reduce dependence on paid advertising. These efforts strategically positioned the website to improve its search engine rankings, resulting in increased visibility and a growing organic audience.

Finally, each park has its own individual booking system, allowing for consistently quick and easy bookings at each location.


Since implementing the multisite approach, we have observed a remarkable 11% year-on-year surge in website traffic. This growth can be attributed to the seamless and more comprehensive experience now offered to users. The brand’s success is evident in the thriving Cove UK hub and associated sub-sites, which together embody the group’s core values.

The simplicity in navigation has not only contributed to the global accessibility of the content but has also played a pivotal role in maintaining the brand’s resilience and continued success in reaching a diverse audience.

Cove multisite case study | web development agency Bournemouth
Cove Multisite