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Put your hands together for Louis, our new WordPress Developer!


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Please welcome our new WordPress Developer, Louis, to the team!

Now working in tandem with our Lead Developer, Ant, Louis brings many years’ experience in his field, not to mention a penchant for solving problems ‒ something any developer will know is a must-have! 

We asked him a little bit about himself and why he picked Halo out of the crowd. 

“I’ve built and maintained a wide variety of sites for clients in many industries, and love a challenge ‒ web development is constantly changing, so you’ve got to be keen to keep up! 

“Outside of work I love climbing, cycling and playing board games with friends ‒ real life stuff that doesn’t involve looking at a screen. When it comes to climbing, I’m always testing my limits ‒ if you don’t push yourself you’re not going to improve. 

“I definitely had a good gut feeling about Halo when I met Nick and Ant, and so far Halo has matched my expectations and then some!”

Aw, we feel the same about you, Louis! We’ll soon be revealing his first project, so watch out for his wizardry on social. In the meantime, if you’d like to work in a happy, vibrant and talented team, get in touch!

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Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Put your hands together for Louis, our new WordPress Developer!