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10 things we learnt from the TikTok summit
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10 things we learnt from the agency TikTok Summit


Georgie Street-Cash | Digital Marketing Manager

Jess and Georgie recently hit the Big Smoke for a morning at TikTok HQ, where they honed their skills on using the popular social media channel for both the agency and our clients.

With speakers from TikTok and agency leaders, they even had breakout sessions and created their very own TikTok video! Big thanks to the Agency Collective for inviting us. 

Anyway, onto the good stuff… Here’s 10 things we learnt from the TikTok Summit! 

  1. 50% of TikTok users are not on Instagram – I know, our jaws dropped hearing this stat too! Whilst many businesses (including us) assume that quite literally everyone is on Instagram nowadays, there is HUGE potential to reach a totally new and different audience by getting yourself out there on TikTok too. Think of that extra awareness you’re missing out on!
  2. 2023 saw the rise of ‘search’ on TikTok – it’s not just a scrolling aimlessly platform anymore, in fact, 2023 saw the rise of people using the platform much like a search engine (think of Google for the cool kids!). Users definitely want more than just trending dances popping up on their ‘For You’ page.
  3. Whilst we’re on the subject of search engines… 73% of Gen Z are more likely to use TikTok as a search engine than any other platform. Don’t forget, Gen Z is the group of people who were born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s.
  4. Tapping into relevant trends is your best bet – this is a slightly more obvious one, but how do you know which trends are relevant to your business? There are some pretty cool business tools you can use to keep an eye on this, including the TikTok Creative Centre.
  5. 73% of users have a deeper connection with TikTok than other platforms – this means that engagement is high, and trust is valuable. Users want to form connections with the people and businesses they engage with.
  6. The first 6 seconds are the most important – like any video, you want your content to capture the attention of your audience pretty quickly, that all important ‘hook’ is what will keep people engaged longer, follow that up with value and interest during the ‘body’ of your video and a call to action to finish and you’ve got yourself the recipe for success!
  7. Drive full funnel traffic to your page – this involves a combination of organic posting and paid advertising, this can be a mix of ‘spark ads’ (sponsored organic posts), lead ads and traffic ads.
  8. Realign your brand to work for TikTok – you need to keep your branding consistent on TikTok, however this is a social channel like no other, so you may need to realign your branding to match the requirements of TikTok.
  9. The TikTok Shop is booming – have an ecommerce business? It’s safe to say that putting some effort and money into your TikTok Shop could be a great move for your marketing strategy. Whilst the early days of TT Shop saw many cheap items being flogged, there’s been a move to higher value purchasing on the channel. In fact, there is no limit to your product’s value! (BRB, we’re off to buy a Porsche from TikTok)
  10. Less saturated marketplace – TikTok is still a relatively new platform, but is definitely growing and we see it sticking around. Think of all that new revenue potential you could be missing out on!

We could definitely go on for longer, but here at Halo we’re very excited to delve deeper into the world of TikTok and help our clients exceed on this platform. 

If you’re looking to add it to your marketing mix, then get in touch to speak to our in house social media specialists about how we can get you onboarded! 

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10 things we learnt from the agency TikTok Summit