The rise of ethical brands

2017/03/17 Branding

The rise of ethical brands, packaging and identities

Over the past couple of years we have seen our clients move towards an ethical approach especially in the Health and Beauty sector. Our clients Tints of Nature, Organic Colour Systems and Bee Good are three examples of companies that we work with that understand and embrace an ethical brand, from their products through to their brand offering. So much so, Bee Good and Tints of Nature have won numerous business awards including CEW Beauty Awards, The Natural Beauty Awards and Natural Health International.

Society is becoming more aware of ethically sourced products and large brands like Lush have set standards in the Health & Beauty industry, educating the customer on making a difference and feeling great. From the ingredients to support campaigns, brands are now shouting about what they do externally to help improve the environment and the consumers are soaking it up. In an industry known for using harsh chemicals, it is now the brands that have adapted to natural resources, yet create a similar result, that will continue to grow in this ethical age. We have integrated this into our clients campaigns to make sure the customer knows exactly what each product contains without any fuss.

1. Tints of Nature:

Natural hair colouring and care systems for consumers. From the ingredients within the products to the systems they have created, Tints of Natures ethical lifestyle is present in all aspects of their brand. We have been working with them closely for many years and recently transformed their hair colour packaging ranges to focus on the natural elements, re-enforcing their ethical offering.

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2. Organic Colour Systems:


Natural hair colouring and care systems for salons. Not only do Organic Colour Systems educate their customers on how to care for your hair properly, but they provide salons with all the materials they need to enforce this with their clients. We have been working with Organic Colour Systems for a number of years and are working on some exciting new projects that move more towards an ethical / high fashion approach.

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3. Bee Good:


Award winning naturally-focussed health & beauty. Their products speak for themselves and have won numerous business and ethical awards for the natural contents. We have worked on some exciting projects with them throughout the years from digital campaigns to packaging re-design, making sure their natural story is at the forefront of everything they do.

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