Re-Brand: Camps International

2017/03/01 Branding


Communicating to a generation who doesn’t want to read

We were approached by Camps International with a challenge to engage a generation that doesn’t read as well as re-energising how they shop their trip packages. Using the existing logo as a starting point, we had free rein to craft a new brand experience that not only interested a younger audience but educated them and provided them with all the necessary information to easily choose a trip.


Brand Overview

Camps International has a strong ethical outlook and is committed to their environmental and humanitarian cause. Working across the globe with less privileged communities, Camps International make an impact with housing projects, environmental schemes, and education. Working very closely with their own charity foundation, the business encourages responsible travel experiences aimed at 18-21 year olds.

Brand Identity Overview

The younger generations are inspired by the accessibility of the world today, and often consider travelling as an integral part of growing up. Camps International offer young people the opportunity to enrich themselves with new experiences and immerse themselves in new cultures. By communicating with their 16-21 year old audience directly, they inspire a sense of adventure and freedom with an ethical focus.

Brand Activation

With only a logo as a springboard, we brought the brand to life using these core principles and a bold and exciting look and feel. We implemented Camps International’s unique blend of ethical and fun across multi-channel platforms; notably their website and brochure. As their two most important pieces of communication for generating leads, it was imperative that they were inspirational to their target audience, but also convincing enough for parents to feel confidence in their child’s travel plans.

The result was a fully responsive website experience that enabled 18-30’s to easily access the extensive range of information. Through the brand development process, we created a unique stye of infographics that sat effortlessly alongside the website and printed elements. Due to the success of the initial website it has since been rolled out across multiple countries to allow for different variations that are country specific.