The brief

Video production.

Pineapple Fish, a luxury holiday home rental company based in Anna Marie Island, Florida, tasked us with creating sales videos with a difference.

According to eMarketer’s report, based on a survey of almost 2,500 travellers, branded videos were more popular than videos produced by experts, other travellers, and even friends and family.

Defining the customer base

To start with we needed to establish who the Yellow Fish customer is. By looking at current customers who engage with the Yellow Fish brand, we identified 3 distinct customer types, their geographical location, tastes and much more.

Creating the concept

Aimed with our customer research, we started to talk about the concepts for the new videos and created 3 separate storylines in order to relate to each customer group. To meet the Yellow Fish brief of creating ‘something different’. we decided to create humorous, story driven videos whilst still showcasing the properties and island life.

Research and planning

Halo were involved in all aspects of the planning, including creating character profiles, outsourcing script writers, auditioning actors, location scouting, props and even booking the flights!

Video production & editing

Halo travelled to Florida and managed the entire shoot from filming to art direction.  We produced 3 individual stories, each with 3 parts. This included character-based videos, b-roll and behind the scenes. We created a total of over 22 different videos, all shot over 6 days.

After the shoot we had 2 weeks to edit the footage before the full campaign launched. Each video was designed to be shown on YouTube with a 6 second intro, followed by the full 2-minute film. The real challenge was keeping the videos short and funny, while still including the relevant information about the properties and island.

The videos

We produced 3 individual story lines in 3 parts, with their own character videos, Broll and behind the scenes. Over 22 different videos in 6 days.