The brief

Customer insight.

Onesta, based in Battersea, have been creating beautiful Italian inspired kitchen spaces since 2007. Being designers themselves, they are very familiar with the design process and let us explore what could be achieved with the brand.

We started the process by spending the day together to really understand what made Onesta tick. It was great to chat about what brands, websites, and everything in between inspire us both. They also make a fine cup of Italian coffee!

Defining the customer base

In order to establish the Onesta customer, we began by asking who they considered to be their typical customer. We then took a cross section of their recent customers and used Experian customer modelling to build the bigger picture; who their customers are and how they function. At a basic level Onesta knew their customer, but we were able to supplement that knowledge with much more insight into their primary and secondary audience. We identified their tastes, how they communicate, the frequency of their communication, how they shop, their attitude towards different devices, print materials and email and much more.

Defining the detail

We defined the detail, personality and the style of the brand elements.

This included fonts and colours, tone of voice, logo, typography, website components, print materials and a new approach to photography and video.