The brief

Customer experience.
Brand strategy.

Button & Sprung were a start up with a single vision in mind.; making bed buying better! Their revolutionary approach cuts out the middle man to deliver wonderful beds and mattresses without the exorbitant costs.

They approached Halo to help transform this simple idea into a living, breathing brand.

Defining the brand

Once we knew what their key goals and objectives were we went about researching their core customer base to understand what they were looking for. This informed how the brand would look and how to talk to customers.

It was only fitting that our work reflected Button & Sprungs pioneering spirit. We created the whole brand from scratch: from the informal and informative tone of voice, to ads that are warm and sophisticated.

We delved deep into understanding who their customers were going to be and what they would be looking for, helping us create a successful brand that has real impact.

But it didn’t stop there, we helped devise the whole customer experience down to designing and kitting out their London showroom with custom point of sale materials and signage.

Customer experience

Have you ever enjoyed testing showroom beds? Being asked to lie down on a dirty mattress, in a room full of people, with a person standing over you does not make for a happy experience. This was not the experience we wanted to replicate.

The customer experience online and in store was at the heart of the brand.

In the showroom, we created areas for children to play (they can even watch Netflix!) so parents could spend time relaxing and choosing their bed. We created a relaxed and comfortable area, allowing customers to peruse all the different fabrics, headboards and mattresses on offer.

We also created, branded and styled an area called ‘The Bed Room’. This is a unique private space where customers can privately book time testing mattresses. Button & Sprung will supply fresh sheets, pillows and duvets. Customers can ring for a cuppa and can even choose from over 30 alarm clocks… just incase they drop off.

Disruptive marketing

Button and Sprung tasked us with being ‘disruptive’ with their marketing. They wanted a brand different than any other and to create a point of difference by avoiding current industry norms and trends.

We created a disruptive tone of voice by using terms that were not yet used in the industry, for example 100 nights free returns, no chemicals and no sales! These were so successful, many other companies have replicated these marketing terms.

100% recyclable
100% natural fillings
100 nights to get acquainted

If you don’t get on… we’ll come and pick it up for free.

We sell one thing.
We sell sleep.

0% foam

We don’t use foam in any of our mattresses. Why?

Foam is made from chemicals, which are bad for the environment and proven to be carcinogenic.


Halo have managed the look and feel of Button and Sprungs photography from concept to execution. This includes creating the concept, organising the photoshoots to create lifestyle photography for their website and advertising.

The Halo team are a pleasure to deal with.  They are always quick to respond to any queries or requests we have, and we’ve been delighted with the work that they have produced for us over the years.  They are a friendly and professional team, and we’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for marketing and design services.

Button & Sprung


Button and Sprung wanted to be as direct as possible in their retail advertising.

The core brand DNA was built round honesty, no sales, just the same price every day and a natural ethical product.

This has allowed us to create disruptive advertising campaigns that set Button & Sprung apart from 99% of their competition.

The messaging has resonated well with savy consumers who now mistrust misleading retail tactics.

Halo creates all of lifestyle display and classified adverts for national & regional publications including photography, headlines and call to action messaging.


39% increase in traffic

2018 v 2017


43% increase of online sales

2018 v 2017