The brief

Brand strategy.

Evolve approached Halo to create an online membership platform that supports a community of entrepreneurs through events, webinars, podcasts, articles, forums as well as a coaching and development program.

Evolve, an innovative, new and expanding business, looked at the future and the developing digital world and saw that with change, comes opportunity. They saw a need to support entrepreneurial clients as the future changes and tasked Halo with building a brand to reinforce this.

Defining the brand

We began by looking to science for ideas. Where better to start than with Charles Darwin, who in 1859 published ‘The origin of the Species’, in which he wrote:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

We felt this encapsulated what we wanted to achieve with the Evolve brand name and ethos. We decided that the very heart of the brand should encourage its members to continually adapt to their environment by fine tuning behaviour and learning in small ways each day.


Halo believe people are hard wired to relate to stories. For thousands of years and before the written word, we have shared our knowledge and experiences through storytelling. We made this a core part of the brand experience.

Through inspirational speakers and the sharing of one’s own story, members are educated and supported through the experience of others.


We defined the target audience to be entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders and created an ethos of support, rather than sales. We decided that the focus should be to support those who have established businesses, looking at developing themselves and their companies.

Being human

We encouraged Evolve to use the idea of humanity; the heart of Evolve should be its people.

As a result, Evolve encourages individuals to share their experiences and tell their story. This story should talk of successes as well as failures. Often failure can be an important part of success and is a vital ingredient to longevity.

Structure & brand delivery

Halo split the brand into three main elements. Members interact with the Evolve brand through:
1. Content platform
2. Events
3. Coaching and development

1. Content platform

Halo created a website, which is the heart of the Evolve community. We created a digital platform, which shares articles, videos, webinars, white papers, podcasts and forums. Members are encouraged to build their own online profile, through the gamification of adding and sharing content. The more involved you are, the more connect points you earn.

2. Events

Getting people together is vital in order to encourage shared experiences. The Evolve brand enforces this through a network of National conferences with talks from inspirational business leaders, discovery days of coaching, networking and health & wellbeing. Plus a variety of lunch and network events.

Halo have supported these events in a variety of ways; creating the very concept, branding, designing and printing conference schedules and materials, even set up.

3. Coaching and development

Evolve is all about change. The brand supports the development of its members through 30 coaching and development topics ranging from innovation and growth to inspiration and wellbeing.

It facilitates new business networking with trusted business leaders, shared experiences and advice, all in an environment of openness and support.

The end result

Halo have created a toolkit of brand elements and a structure that supports the Evolve team, under one clear identity. As a new business, its a great start!

The Halo team are a dream to work with they are friendly, punctual, creative, understand each brief and really know their stuff! From meeting tight deadlines to keeping on top of large projects, you know no stone will be left unturned, making each project that little less stressful! I would totally recommend working with Halo on any creative project, print or digital.

Barry Kick