The brief



As an award winning decorative tin design and manufacturer, Silver Crane pride themselves on delivering cutting edge bespoke tins for some of the worlds biggest brands. 

They approached Halo to help them realise their vision and deliver a brand strategy that ran through every aspect of their business and communicated their USPs to their customers.

Defining the brand

Once we knew what their key goals and objectives were we went about researching their core customer base to understand what they were looking for.

The brand needed to be innovative and stand out.

Creating the visual identity

This lead us to create a clean, modern look and carefully chose a palette of strong, bold colours to compliment their products, making them the main focus.

We completed a brand guideline document outlining a set of rules to ensure the brand is consistently communicated across all mediums.

Exhibition graphics

Trade shows and exhibitions are a vital for Silver Crane in order to gain new customers.

Space on the stand is always a challenge due to the amount of products on show. Halo created an exhibition stand which ordered the product layout and displayed a full height LCD screen 2.5 meters high, giving the WOW factor to those viewing the stand from a distance.


Silver Crane had only ever photographed their products as catalogue cutouts.
We recommended creating individual hero images of some of their range, showing the quality and the artistry of the product.


Many of the products have incredible detail and even moving parts. We recommended using video to create show reels to use on their exhibition stands in order to fully show off the products on a large scale.