The brief

Brand strategy.
Digital strategy.
Art direction.

Halo quickly identified a real point of difference; Delcor sofas of distinction are made to last a lifetime.

Delcor, an already established furniture company, tasked Halo to reinforce its core values with a refresh of its existing brand. In todays throwaway society, Delcor remains at the forefront of quality and bespoke furniture, which goes further than simple marketing messages. Unlike many other furniture brands, Delcor have a long history of creating high class products and providing the best possible customer service.

When developing the brand, our main focus was to highlight this ‘Delcor Difference’, which we put at the very heart of the brand strategy.

Our solution

Halo worked closely with the Delcor team to create a complete cross channel marketing plan, focusing on strategy and positioning. We developed a campaign which worked across all sectors to maximise returns across PPC, SEO, PR, online, advertising, print, social media; the works! We created a modern marketing approach to a classic brand.

Printed material

Delcor furniture is a considered purchase. With so many bespoke options available, the sales team needed print material in order to support the extensive range of choice the customer has. Halo created brochures, sales guides and mailers, which all convey the same level of quality as the products themselves.

Refurbishment mailers

Delcor wanted to make sure its customers really are getting a piece of furniture made to ‘last a lifetime’. With such an extensive customer base, spanning over many years, Halo established the need to reach out to previous customers offering a refurbishment service. We created a beautiful mailer, which highlighted the benefits of restoration, rather than buying new. This resulted in a huge increase in Delcors refurbishment services and lots of happy customers.

Fabric sample boxes

Halo identified a huge part of converting sales on the website would be through fabric sample orders. We wanted to make the sending of fabric samples an experience for the customer, which really exemplified the ‘Delcor Difference’. We created a beautifully printed sample pack, displaying the fabrics elegantly and simply. This helped to increase orders on the website, as it gave the customers the reassurance needed in order to make their final purchase.

Photography and art direction

From managing photoshoots to art direction, Halo created the look and feel of the Delcor product and brand imagery. We created strong guidelines for all current and future photography to make sure all images would remain consistent with the Delcor brand.

1. Brand photography
Brand photography should tell the story of craftsman and always be in black & white to reinforce the Delcor quality and style.

2. Product photography
Products should always show cutout photography, displaying confidence. No need to hide behind accessories and complicated scenes.


We split the website into two key areas.
Firstly, we wanted to raise band awareness, allowing customers to discover the ‘Delcor Difference’.
Secondly, we focused on the product, giving the customer as much information and reassurance as possible.


Halo created a language to be used across print materials which help to define what the Delcor brand stands for.

Halo were responsible for every aspect of print advertising from concept to delivery. This included photography, designing the ads, creating taglines, planning the ad schedule, booking the publications and sending the final adverts.


While many furniture brands have lowered their prices and focused on sales, Delcor have remained true to its vision of quality and service.

Delcor have grown steadily over the last 4 years and Halo have helped deliver this growth and stability.


12% company growth every year for 4 years

2013 to 2018