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Georgie's employee spotlight
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Georgie’s Employee Spotlight


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Put your hands together for Georgie! She’s our digital marketing queen, but when she’s not working her magic she’s all about baking, board gaming and memory making. Luckily, she could spare a few mins to give us brilliant answers to our nosy questions! 

It’s your last meal and you have to choose a starter, main and pudding ‒ what’s on the menu?

Without a doubt, I’d have calamari to start. Main is not so easy to choose ‒ it would be a toss up between a Thai buffet, pork belly or a simple margherita. To finish, I’d have a triple choc brownie. 

Quite the feast! Give us five things on your bucket list (we know you have one!).

I love my bucket list! 

  • Go on a game show ‒ The Cube is at the top of my list 
  • Own a Mini 
  • Convert/renovate a barn 
  • Run an Airbnb or own a bakery ‒ whichever comes first 
  • Go to Costa Rica 

Well done on cutting your extensive list down to five! What’s your greatest achievement?

I think staying positive is underrated. So I’d say my greatest achievement is staying positive despite life’s ups and downs.

You’re holding a dinner party and can invite four famous people, dead or alive. Who would they be?

  • Blake Lively ‒ girl crush, style icon, goddess 
  • Jude Law ‒ but only as he looked in ‘The Holiday’ ‒ for eye candy 
  • Michael McIntyre ‒ for the comedy factor 
  • David Attenborough ‒ for the stories 
  • Christina Aguilera ‒ for the musical interlude 

Describe your perfect day.

It would be brunch in the sun on the beach, a spa afternoon followed by pornstar martinis, dinner in a fancy pants restaurant and then board games with anyone who wants to lose!

Sounds bliss! If money were no object, what would your life look like?

I actually really like my life, so it would stay quite similar but with more holidays, a cleaner and a private masseuse on call.

What’s your pet peeve? 

  • Number 1: Negative vibes ‒ I like happy people, to quote Elle from Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” 
  • Number 2: Poor timekeeping 

We’ll be sure to be happy and on time! And finally, what would you tell your younger self?

Show courage in the face of adversity ‒ you’ve got this girl! 


Thanks, Georgie, for your awesome answers! Our next Employee Spotlight will be landing soon on LinkedIn – don’t miss it!

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Georgie’s Employee Spotlight