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Perfect print for Funerals by the River


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

We love working with people who go against the grain ‒ people who turn ideas on their heads and inspire you to think differently.


Funerals by the River do just that ‒ by recognising the gap in the market for uplifting ceremonies that honour and celebrate life, they’re redefining the traditional funeral experience in favour of positive celebrations in a stunning setting. 

Set at the Captain’s Club Hotel and Spa in Christchurch, Funerals by the River have brought the best professionals in the industry together to offer a bespoke and intimate service, where individuality is celebrated to ensure a fitting send-off that feels right for the family and the loved one they’ve lost.

They wanted to work with us to produce a brochure, flyer and business cards that does their unique offering justice, capturing the brand’s essence, highlighting its services and sharing its story. We obliged with beautiful design and succinct storytelling, ensuring their USPs shone through simply and impactfully. 

We love it and the client loves it!



In a digital world, we believe beautiful print is more impactful than ever. If you want your business in the hands of your audience, get in touch to discuss how print can get you the attention you deserve. 

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Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Perfect print for Funerals by the River