Delivering a brand communication strategy that resonates with customers.

Silver Crane are an award winning decorative tin design and manufacture. They pride themselves on delivering cutting edge bespoke tins for some of the worlds biggest brands.

They approached Halo to help them realise their vision and deliver an effective brand strategy that ran through every aspect of their business and communicated their USPs to their customers.


Defining the Brand

Once we knew what their key goals and objectives were we went about researching their core customer base to understand what they were looking for. This informed us on how to approach how the brand would look and talk to customers.

Creating the Visual Identity

The brand needed to be innovative and stand out so we chose a clean modern font in black and hand-drew a silhouette of a crane for the main identity and carefully chose a palette of strong, bold colours to compliment their products and make them the main focus.

We then put together a complete brand guideline document outlining a set of rules to ensure the brand is consistently communicated across all mediums and activities.


The website – Visual Identity

We have brought in all the lovely elements we have created for the brand into the website, ensuring the customer receives a consistant brand experience from showroom to website. The website is fully responsive. So looks and performs seamlessly across both desktop and mobile.


Interactive functionality

This is a beautiful brand site, so we wanted to add that little extra touch with interactive functionality. This slider simply allows the user to slide from left to right displaying how the company are involved from the first sketches to the completion of the product.