Brand Innovation: Linwood Fabric Sample Service

2017/02/15 Branding

Introducing Linwood


Brand Overview

Linwood is a fabric company with design flair at its core. As a family business they pride themselves in their artistry and craftsmanship – with their roots in the traditional they take inspiration from both heritage and pop-culture. Quality underlines everything that Linwood do, with their fabrics and wallpapers made in family-run mills across Britain and Europe.

Brand Innovation – Fabric Sample Packs

One of our key tasks was to create a new way of delivering fabric samples that understood the customers requests and provided them with something personalised.

Originally fabric samples were mailed out in an envelop with an invoice like the majority of their competitors. The first question we had to ask all parties, how do we make this better for the customer?

The result saw the traditional fabric sample pack transform into a beautiful card box that not only housed the samples but also something completely unique for each customer and revolutionary to the fabric world. To enhance the customers journey, we engineered a bespoke lookbook system that took their fabric choices and composed a personal lookbook especially for them. The book included a sofa visual, detail shot and curtain example of their fabric choices, giving them a feel for how the fabric will look in situation. This was not only something new for Linwood but also something new for the fabric industry as no one as of yet has created something on this scale. Our job included using CAD to mockup every possible fabric option, as well as designing the book, making sure each customer received a comprehensive personal lookbook.





Brand Identity Overview

With a well-heeled customer base, Linwood draws on a sense of craftsmanship with a dash of British eccentricity. Their designs take inspiration from art history, as well as modern references, to create collections that are witty as well as beautiful. These appeal to their well-travelled and intelligent customers with an interest in design flair. Linwood brings substance and style, artistry and excellence.



Brand Activation

Using their striking lifestyle photography, we brought this identity to life through creation of their trade website. Using their core principles of quality and eccentric flair, we fashioned a mature look and feel that was still exciting. With brochure style imagery and copy, the site is easy to navigate through collections, inspiring trade customers with potential ranges. This inspiration continues with the Request a Lookbook and Fabric Sample features, evolving the online experience into a tactile one. Linwood asked us to design their printed materials alongside out web work for a seamless brand experience.