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Attention-grabbing direct mail for Alice Charity


Fi Holloway | Senior Copywriter

Alice Charity may be small in size, but their impact on the lives of families in Newcastle is massive.

We wanted to help these amazing people attract more corporate partners, so we worked with them to create attention-grabbing direct mail, beautifully designed and expertly written for maximum engagement.

The main focus was on refining the brand, creating an engaging tone of voice and persuasive messaging. Having written copy for many charities, we knew we needed to tell the story succinctly and powerfully, focusing the onus on the incredible difference the donor can make.

So, we pulled out audience-centric headlines that use second-person narrative to speak directly to the reader. We then told the charity’s story using human and evocative language, ensuring the voice felt down-to-earth and relatable. 

“We’re so pleased with the results! Halo have managed to capture the language and messaging perfectly, and the design looks so professional ‒ all the important information really stands out. We particularly love the stats and infographics! It was a pleasure to work with Holly and we found the whole journey really enjoyable. Thank you, Halo!”


We also wanted to make the most out of real-life case studies, so we told the story of two families the Alice Charity have helped. By allowing the women to communicate their experiences in their own words, their stories shine through as poignant examples of the incredible work the charity does.

We wanted the design to be simple but engaging, so we used the charity’s brand colours, refining the look and feel and adding subtle flourishes to create interest. Important facts and figures were also pulled out using infographics, and we organised the information carefully to ensure ultimate readability.

Suffice to say Alice Charity loved the results, and we very much hope it significantly helps them drum up support from both local and nationwide corporations. 


If you’re a charity looking to boost donations, get in touch and we can chat about your opportunities.

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Attention-grabbing direct mail for Alice Charity