A sustainable portfolio design approach – the Onesta brochure

by Halo Associates Digital 2020/02/11 Branding

Onesta’s customers would expect more than a standard printed brochure. Their work deserved a portfolio. And the brand belongs with printed collateral that is bespoke, futureproofed, sustainable and a tactile thing of beauty.

As designers, we love working with other designers, it’s a fascinating process and delivers beautiful, considered work. In our post about the launch of the brand and website we hinted at print items and we’re excited to now share them.

The process we went through to get to the final collateral was exacting. We developed multiple prototypes, experimented with varied paper stocks, binding screws and printing methods, and challenged a number of manufacturers to ensure premium materials were used with UK based production.  

The results are a bespoke portfolio, with debossed foil branding, black nubuck effect exterior, magnetic closure and inner tray with powder-coated black screws, that holds both projects and brand information. This approach is both futureproofed and sustainable as content can be easily interchanged and printed digitally in low volumes meaning we can avoid reprinting the whole brochure each time an update is needed.